START HERE: Top 10-ish Resources for Dealers

Complete the Following 12 Steps and Review Reference Material.

As a Dealer, please follow the 12 steps to set up your learning and help centers. Please instruct new/current employees to follow the first 4 steps before attempting any other actions.
  1. Step 1:  How to sign in to Google Chrome/Gmail
  2. Step 2:  How to register for access to the Help Center
  3. Step 3: How to sign to the Help Center
  4. Step 4: Enroll in the Learning Management System (LMS)
    Stop-SignDo not proceed until you have completed the steps above.

  5. Roof Maxx Dealer News:  Subscribe for Instant or Daily notifications: click here
    Note: When you receive the emails, you will need to follow Step 2 above to view the article.
  6. Software Guide provides an overview of all integrated systems, optional systems, and where to find training.
  7. Learn How to Test Our Systems
  8. Register for Upcoming Webinars!
  9. Consumer Nurture Demo
  10. Check Your Roof Maxx Calendar for Weekly Meetings:- You and your Dealership team are invited to attend our Technology Department Open Office hour every Wednesday.  Write down your software questions during the week.  Join other dealers and our Technology Team in a casual software Q&A session. 
  11. Visit: Make sure your microphone and speakers work.  A video camera is optional.
  12. Always use your email address when communicating, scheduling meetings with a Roof Maxx Corporate representative, or logging into our software systems.


  1. PDF:  Onboarding Syllabus
  2. PDF: Dealer Operations Manual
  3. PDF: Lead Handling + Job Management Guide
  4. DRIVE: Dealer Resources
  5. DRIVE: Dealer Marketing
  6. Order Marketing Materials (Print, Apparel, Vehicle Wraps)


  1. Software Training Videos
  2. Weekly/Monthly Meeting Archives
  3. Roof Maxx University
  4. National Conference Archives

Roof Maxx Department Directory

Tech Support Form

Open a Tech Support Ticket to get help: Warranty Resend, Software Assistance, Technology Coaching Sessions
(Please note: Tech Support is through email and zoom only)


Dealer Success Department, General Dealership Services, Dealership Coaching, Dealership Expansion, National Advertising Program, & Jump Start Program (mentorship)


Vehicle wraps (truck, trailer, van), vehicle solutions, & equipment

(614) 977-1932

Marketing Support, Advertisement Approvals, Micro-sites, Client Tether, Social Media Support, Dealer GMB Setup Communications

(614) 977-1933

Questions about Leads or HubSpot Contact Assignments


Dealership Onboarding Startup Questions & Documentation Requirements

Email Only

Tote Orders, Shipping Support, and Related Questions

(614) 858-5057

Sales Support

(614) 982-0043, Co-op credit inquiries, Tote Plan, Technology platform invoice


B2B/Commercial Sales Support