In what order should I set up my access to the programs we use?

Follow these 4 steps and then complete the Learning Course EIT102 for full instructions on Registering, Logging In, and Setting Up your profile in each program.


Links to articles with full step-by-step instructions are highlighted in Blue

Use your Roof Maxx Email Address for all profiles in all programs. Any Non-Roof Maxx email addresses used to register for any program will be deleted within 24hrs, destroying any progress saved.

Step 1: Google Workspace

Use Google Chrome Browser for all programs, as this is the browser all programs are optimized for. Log into Google Chrome Browser with your Roof Maxx Email Address. 

How to Sign In to the Google Chrome Browser

Why is this important? Logging in to the browser with your Roof Maxx email will give you access to the Roof Maxx Links folder, as well as preserve all history/ passwords/ settings related to your Roof Maxx work.

The password you create for Gmail/Google will only work for Gmail/Google.

Step 2: and

Find the invitation email and click the link to go to the registration page. Fill in your profile data and remember to save the password you created.

How Do I Register for Help Center

Why is this important? will give you access to the Dealer Events Calendar that holds all open office hours for the various departments, training dates for Dispatch and ClientTether, and power up calls. From here, you will be able to access the Roof Maxx Help Center. Use the same email and password for as you created for

The password you create for will only work for and


Step 2 must be completed to view any Article's linked from this point. 

Step 3: HubSpot

Find the HubSpot invitation email in your Roof Maxx Gmail inbox. Click the link to go to your profile building page. Once your profile is built, you most likely will not need to return to HubSpot. 

How to Register your Roof Maxx Profile in HubSpot

Why is this important? HubSpot relies on User connections within a Dealership Team to direct leads to the proper Dealership's Dispatch, Roof Maxx Connect, and ClientTether accounts. If you have not registered your user profile, HubSpot will not know you exist, and you will not be able to work with any customer data in any system effectively.

The password you create for HubSpot will only work for HubSpot.

Step 4: TalentLMS

Go to  and click Register at the top right corner of the page. Fill in your Roof Maxx email address, name, and dealership role. Password creation is not necessary as TalentLMS uses Single Sign On Authentication through your Roof Maxx Google Profile. 

How to register for TalentLMS

Why is this important? TalentLMS holds all training courses for all programs. It is VITAL you complete the course work assigned to your dealership role. Please complete course EIT102 within 24 hours of receiving your Roof Maxx email address.

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